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CCTV Installers Cape Town

MDR Tec is a leading CCTV installation company servicing customers in Cape Town, Western Cape. We pride ourselves in providing the best and affordable CCTV packages and installations and high quality security products around Cape Town. We offer a wide range of CCTV camera surveillance options for your home and business in Cape Town and across South Africa.

Security Solutions

Cape Town CCTV Installation & Security Solutions

We install CCTV Cameras to homes and businesses within all areas of Cape Town. We also offer maintenance and repair of existing CCTV systems, consultancy on CCTV Camera positioning and deployment throughout Cape Town. In addition, we also offer the following services and security solutions.

access control systems

Access Control

Stop intruders and undesirable persons. We install, configure and maintain access control systems, boom gates, access-controlled doors, biometrics and cellphone access.

CCTV Installation

Deter burglars, intruders, and prevent damage to your property. We install, configure and maintain CCTV camera systems both residential and commercial within all areas of Cape Town.

Maintenance & Repairs

Is a faulty security system giving you sleepless nights? We maintain and repair pre-existing CCTV cameras and Access Control Systems at reasonable and affordable rates.
secure your home

Security Consultancy

Need to find out what a security project may require? We can help! We offer consultancy services covering a wide range of security solutions as well as CCTV Camera positioning and deployment.
electric fence installation cape town

Electric Fence Installation

We install, configure and maintain electric fence systems. From residential installations to commercial and farms. We use the best products such as Nemtek Wizord and 2i Energizer.
solar panel installation cape town

Solar Power Installation

Load-shedding woes, Eskom nightmares? We install solar power solutions from basic backup systems to off-the-grid home and industrial systems.

Why Choose Us for CCTV & Security Solutions

CCTV Experts

We're experts in the supply and installation of CCTV Cameras, Access Control and Security systems throughout Cape Town.

Affordable Prices

We source our equipment directly from a large pool of manufacturers. We go the extra mile to give you the most affordable prices and best deals.

Satisfied Clients

We prioritize our customers' satisfaction. We do our best to provide honest and ethical services to our clients while continuing to meet their expectations.

Quick Lead Times

We have a professional team, highly experienced in working with clients from private home owners to companies and governments and keeping to deadlines.

CCTV (Security Cameras) is defined as Closed Circuit Television. This means one or more cameras are connected to a recording and monitoring device such as a Digital Recording Device (DVR) or Network Video Recorder (NVR). The footage can be viewed on monitors or digital devices such as cell phones, digital watches, computers etc.

Depending on the size of property that you need to protect and areas that you need to cover, there are many types and sizes of CCTV (Security Cameras) you can purchase. The basic units usually consist of 4 cameras, a DVR/NVR and a monitor. Included is also the capacity to monitor the cameras via mobile apps and the internet. More advanced systems will include security video footage servers such as Milestone, Hikvision IVMS, Avigilon and many others. These advanced CCTV security systems can consist of hundreds of cameras.

Cost is dependent on the size and complexity of the CCTV security systems that you require for your home or business. The costs vary from thousands to hundreds of thousands based on a number of factors. We recommend that we pay you a visit and do a proper assessment and present you with a professionally drafted quotation.

Basic systems will usually take a few days were as bigger systems take weeks to months. CCTV Security systems are crucial to homes and businesses.

Access control is the control and management of people, vehicles and goods to and from access points. These control measures take a variety of formats. From gates, boom gates, doors and roller shutters. The devices that are used at these points include remotes, access cards, proximity card readers, biometric readers, NIC and Bluetooth readers.

To increase security on your premises by controlling the movement of goods and people. This will ensure you control access to places and times of access. This will also be used for time and attendance. With access control, you will have a continuous record of who and when a place was accessed. All these measures will ensure a reduction of loss and liability.

Any place that needs the movement of people and goods secured. These places can range from residential premises to companies and factories. Hotels, schools, restaurants, hospitals and many public places require access control.


Frequently Asked Questions.

Here are some quick answers to some of the most commonly asked questions and answers about CCTV cameras and Access Control. We take pride in providing transparency to our clients and strive to maintain clarity in everything we do.

What Our Customers Say

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James Residential Property

Thank you very much for the security camera installation. We can now sleep peacefully.

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Harriet Complex Manager

Thanks for the wonderful work you did. From both the comity and the residents. Our complex is now more secure.

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Sadiki Business Manager

It is refreshing to have a well functioning access control system. For an organisation like ours, it's critical. Thank you for the amazing work.

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Themba Business Manager

Many thanks to you and your team for such professional service. The shopping mall is more safe and secure as a result of the security systems and cameras.

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Wendy Residential Property

Thank you for the security camera installation at my property. I can view and monitor any time from my phone.

CCTV Installation Cape Town

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